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Camping Gear for a Cozy Night

Camping Gear for a Cozy Night

Camping Gear for a Cozy Night

There’s nothing quite like camping. You’re immersed in nature, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying quality time with your family, away from the ever-present glow of screens. What could be better?

How about all of that AND a good night’s sleep? I remember camping as a kid, sleeping on the tent floor in a beat-up old military mummy sleeping bag (that also happened to smell like a mummy) inside a rickety tent that always seemed to feel and smell like a wet dog. While I loved it, a “good night’s sleep” never seemed part of the equation.

Thankfully, camping gear has come a long way, and I now get some of the best sleep I’ve ever gotten inside our tent, surrounded by my family. How, you ask? With the right gear. Here are 8 of my favorite camping gear items that help promote a cozy night’s sleep for the whole family.

 Camping Gear for a Restful Night's Sleep

Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bags

Obviously, I have to start with the comfortable warmth of the Morrison Sleeping Bag. It has saved us from the constant readjusting of sleeping bags and blankets since our boys are free to move around in their sleep without slipping out of their bags. While we love our sleeping bags for young campers, the adult version has proven to be quite versatile. Not only can they be used for sleep, but they can also be used for relaxing by the fire, outdoor reading comfort on chilly days, enjoying a morning (or nighttime) beverage on the porch, etc.

A women snuggling with a boy inside a both, both of them are wearing Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bags
REI Basecamp 6 Tent

This tent is easy to set up with color-coded poles and dead-end pole sleeves. We love that there are tons of mesh pockets inside the tent to store gear and keep the tent organized. The two wide doors make it easy to get in and out without waking up your tentmates. The rainfly has two vestibules (one small and one large) to safely store gear and shoes outside the tent. I also love that there are both roof and side vents to help with airflow and reduce condensation. We have used this tent for a few years in varying weather conditions and it’s still in great condition! It also comes in a 4-person size for smaller families. I recommend grabbing the tent footprint specific to the Basecamp tents tent to help prevent unwanted moisture from seeping into the tent.

An REI Basecamp 6 tent in a forested area during fall
Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern 

We bought this collapsible solar-powered lantern on a whim, and it has become an essential piece of camping gear. It charges quickly via the included micro-USB cable, lasts 30+ hours on the low setting, and even has a “flickering candle” mode that helps settle everyone down at night. The handle detaches, making it easy to attach to the top hook of a tent to illuminate the vestibule when it’s time to get ready for bed. It can also be charged via the built-in solar panel, which is convenient for those longer camping adventures.

Horizon Hound Down Packable Blanket

With kids around, it’s always a good idea to bring along an extra blanket or two. Especially if you have a very opinionated and independent little who can’t decide if he wants to be inside or on top of his sleeping bag (like my youngest). We love this down blanket because it’s super lightweight, packs small, and is warm enough for even the most stubborn of tiny humans. My husband also uses it for nights on the submarine, and we like to snuggle under it for morning coffee or evening drinks on the porch.

A man playing with his sons inside a tent while wearing a Morrison Outdoors sleeping bag and a Horizon Hound down blanket
Exped Megamat 10

Ever since I had my boys, I haven’t been able to comfortably sleep unless I’m on my side (pregnancy/ childbirth can do a number on the body!). Needless to say, it was tough to find a camping pad that I could comfortably sleep on without waking up the family with my constant tossing and turning. Enter the Exped Megamat 10. This self-inflating mat is not only extremely comfortable (even for us side sleepers!), but it also insulates from the cold ground on chilly nights. I often wake up to find that my 5-year-old has squeezed himself onto the mat next to me, sound asleep. This mat is also available in larger sizes to sleep two people (or a gaggle of kids).

An Exped Megamat 10 inside a tent with an adult Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag on top
Wise Owl Camping Pillow

Regular pillows can take up a ton of space in your trunk when packing for a camping trip. Instead of trying to squeeze in your pillows around the rest of your gear, check out these compressible memory foam camp pillows from Wise Owl. They stuff into a waterproof sack and have a removable, washable cover. They are not only comfortable, but also a decent size, so you won’t have to forgo a good night’s sleep with typical, tiny camp pillows.

BioLite Headlamp 425

Whether you’re trying to get some night reading in while the kiddos sleep or you have to trek to the bathroom in the middle of the night, a high-quality headlamp is a must for nighttime camp activities. The BioLite 425 has white and red-light options on the front along with red lights on the back to keep you safe in all directions. I like that it’s slim fitting, so it doesn’t feel like you're wearing a giant bulb on your head, and it’s easy to tilt one-handed to direct the light where you need it to go.

A child wearing a Biolite Headlamp 425 and a Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bag inside a tent
Camping Fan

Having a fan for those warmer camping adventures can provide not only cooler air and more airflow but also white noise to help your family sleep more soundly. We have found this to be especially handy when camping near loud neighbors or near roads. We picked up the Milwaukee jobsite fan along with 2 batteries, each lasting through a full night on the low setting. For longer camping adventures, we recharge the battery with a power bank or a car charger, and we are set!

A Milwaukee jobsite fan on a blanket outdoors

Stay tuned for more of our favorite camping gear in the coming weeks with posts including our camp-kitchen must-haves, gear for relaxing around the campsite, and camping toys and adventure gear our kids love!

The author, Rebecca Hosley, and her family of four hiking near Mt. Rainier National Park

Rebecca is a transplant Coloradoan living in Virginia with her husband (Derek) and their two boys. She’s a teacher turned freelance writer/ homeschool mom working towards exploring as much of the east coast as possible before the next move takes her family elsewhere. You can follow her family hiking, kayaking, SUPing, geocaching, camping, and all things outdoor adventuring on Instagram @frazzlednaturemom .